A Simple Strategy to Improve Your Income Earning Ability

One of the most sensible ways of increasing your income, a way which has the highest likelihood of success, is to choose potential money making opportunities on the side while keeping your regular job. Staying with your current job will provide you with security while trying to manifest a business idea. The late Jim Rohn, a charismatic self-help teacher, referred to this two-phase strategy for increasing income as earning a living while building your fortune.

You can start small on your side hustle, scale it up when your business picks up, and then quit your job when you can afford to no longer keep it.

3 Business Ideas

Here are 3 ideas to consider:

1. Massage therapy.

If you’re a people person who is interested in the healing arts, then a career in massage therapy might work well for you. Once you’ve graduated from a massage school and acquired certification and licensing, you can earn a good living by opening up your own small clinic. Your start up costs will be low because you’ll only need to rent a small office. Moreover, you can also find affordable equipment like massage therapy tables, lotions, oils, sheets, towels, pillows, and so on.

2. Start an online marketing business.

The nice thing about starting a business online is that you can set up your own home office and learn the skills you need from online courses. There are plenty of courses and coaches to help you learn everything you need to start your own digital marketing business. Ideally, start a business that is within the range of your skill sets. For instance, if you love teaching people how to do things, then you might consider learning how to create educational courses on platforms like Udemy.

3. Provide a local service in your community.

There are many opportunities to earn some extra money helping busy homeowners. For instance, you could start a one-person landscaping or housecleaning business. Many people are too busy for lawn care, pulling out weeds, or planting beautiful flowers, but they would love to have a beautiful garden. They are embarrassed to have the messiest lawn in the neighborhood. The same sentiments go for the interior of their homes. They would love to live in a nice clean home, without dust, cobwebs, and dirty floors and lint-filled carpets, but are too tired after work to bother to clean up.

4. Monetize your gifts.

You may have an unusual talent that you can monetize if you focused on developing it. Ronnie Coleman was a career police officer in Dallas, Texas. When he wasn’t working, he was in the gym lifting weights. Since he had a genetic ability to gain muscle mass and an almost perfect training and diet plan, he became Mr. Olympia several times in a row. Since he was making so much money as one of the top bodybuilders in the world, he could afford to leave his job as a police officer.

The best way to manage a side hustle until it becomes a full-time opportunity is to start your own business. While it’s possible to make money working for someone else, you will only make a small percentage of the money to be made in that line of work. Due to how little you earn and how much time it takes, working for someone else will make it difficult to scale up your efforts until it provides a full-time income.

Get Rich Slowly

The vast majority of people give no thought to how they can increase their earning ability. Instead, they either gripe about their jobs or bemoan their fate. As a result, their financial situation never gets better and they keep experiencing the same distressing financial emergencies.

Ironically, those who do give the question of how to increase their earning ability some thought often land on ineffective solutions. They might go back to school, only to find that they can’t get a job in their field. They might even resort to get-rich quick schemes, which promise wealth through some proven system. Many of these get-rich schemes are quite ingenious, and it’s easy to fall prey to them. Even if these systems happen to be genuine, they may not have sufficiently mature skills to make money from the “business-in-a-box” opportunity.

While you might not have a latent talent that just needs attention to help you acquire financial freedom, there are many practical things you can do to improve your life situation.