Showing Off Your Money: It’s All About the Details

Over the course of your life, there’s no doubt that you are going to develop a certain specific set of relationships with money and finances. Typically, there are going to be periods where your entire goal is to see how much money you can make. However, at other times, it’s going to be very important for you to have a plan on how to show that money off. This might be if you want to get a client for a particular type of business transaction for instance.

But, without going too far into specifics, consider that good ways to show off your money will involve you taking control of things like basic appearances, organized accounting records, choosing subtle over startling features, making sure that you use smart, detailed investment plans, and always keeping control of your personal financial decisions.

Basic Appearances

As far as basic appearances go, you can think of things like what types of clothes that you are wearing, or what kind of environment you present if you own a place of business, for instance. Details like what kind of material you use for floors and countertops in your building, or what kind of clothes you wear, or if you dress for the weather in some of the latest trends – the more you pay attention to those basic appearance items, the better you can show off your money to the right type of people at the right time.

Organized Accounting Records

In order to show off your money, it is important from a logistical standpoint to have organized accounting records.Yes, that is required! On a business level, this may mean that you subscribe to some sort of accounting software or take the help of outsourcing consultants who can be found at firms similar to Eide Bailly ( These consultants can further help you to find a team of business advisors to assist you with the accounting aspects of your business. However, at a personal level, this may mean that you have budgets that are contained in some sort of app that references all of your bank accounts and expenditures.

Subtle Over Startling

If you’ve noticed the trend of certain people to try to look like they have money, you’ll notice that this often comes across as them looking gaudy or trying too hard. If you want to show off the fact that you have money, it’s important to stay subtle with style and let people come to their own conclusions.

Using Smart, Detailed Investment Plans

Another big part of relating your financial success to the outside world is making sure that you have handled your investments correctly. The smartest people are always going to pay close, detailed attention to their investment plans in a way that they have a broad spectrum of stocks and bonds spread out over a large area of interest.

Keeping Control of Your Financial Decisions

Ultimately, a lot of the process of showing off your money is going to be about showing the you have control of your financial decisions. Even if you have people working for you in this regard, the better that you illustrate that you are the one in control, the more confident you will come across as a financially independent being. 26