Sending a Message: 5 Interesting Ways to Market and Promote Your Available Real Estate Properties

If you are trying to sell a property you could argue that the best way to achieve that aim is to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible and find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Real estate success can be a numbers game, the more people who view a property’s details the higher the chance of finding a few buyers who want to negotiate and get the deal done. That’s why there are new and emerging technologies and software like this automated telephone dialing system that can be found here

Here is a look at some other innovative and interesting ways to get noticed and increase your chances of getting a deal agreed upon and the property sold.

Tell a story to bring the property to life

When you are marketing a property the standard real estate terms of engagement will dictate that you provide specific details such as how many bedrooms it has and what the total square footage is.

These are all relevant and interesting details to a point, but just listing all the features in a brochure along with some great photos, will only tell half the story.

It could be that the home has an interesting history to it, for example, and that could be an excellent way of engaging with viewers.

It doesn’t even have to be an interesting fact that you use to bring the property to life in the eyes of a potential buyer. Ask the current owners to say what it is that they have loved about living there and what the house has meant to them during their time there.

Telling a story about a property alongside the basic listing details could be a proven strategy in getting potential buyers engaged and helping them visualize how they could have the same positive experience there themselves.

Real estate agents like to hire professional photographers to take some stunning pictures, but another idea to consider would be to hire a professional writer to tell a story for the listing that could make all the difference.

Go the extra mile

Real estate is a people business and buyers will want to do business with someone who is approachable and is prepared to go beyond the usual rules of engagement in order to get the sale.

For instance, you can view here details of a realtor who is so confident of achieving a sale that they are saying they might even buy the property themselves if they can’t find a buyer.

Make yourself available outside of normal and engage with people on social media to get valuable feedback and use the opportunity to get talking with prospective buyers.

Interacting on the various social media platforms is a real no-brainer as its the way so many of us communicate, and all those shares and likes are helping to build your profile and get you noticed.

Go low to sell high

The idea of marketing a property at a price under market value seems a bit crazy when you are tasked with achieving the best sale price possible.

The interesting point about this strategy is that the psychology behind this idea could see you end up selling the property for a sale price that is even higher than the current market value.

The thinking behind this approach is that by listing the property in a lower price band you will become visible to a larger pool of buyers who are keen to snap up what could be a potential bargain.

What can happen in this scenario is that you end up attracting a few bids for the property and buyers end up competing for the right to end up as the confirmed buyer.

The seller might be resistant to this strategy as everyone wants to get the best sale price, but those objections soon disappear when the final purchase price ends up going higher the original fair market valuation.

Think smart to sell the property

Buyers can tend to make house purchasing decisions based on a number of reasonably minor factors that are more on an emotional level rather than being based on money alone.

Plenty of us are now fully engaged with all the gadgets and hi-tech options that make our lives easier and this provides an opportunity to make some minor changes to a home that could make a big impact on buyers. They can also be used to contact these potential buyers too, from the best skip tracing software to updated websites.

Smart technology is having a big impact on our homes and as well as telling our digital assistant to run some errands there are lots of inexpensive gadgets that could make a home seem much more user-friendly.

Smart thermostats and security systems are just some of the low-cost options that could make a home much more attractive to people who can see themselves using these gadgets and enjoying the time-saving and energy efficient options available.

Selling starts before the listing begins

Another great tactic to consider is a strategy known as pre-marketing.

What you are doing is announcing your entry into the market ahead of getting the brochures done and actually commencing the marketing process.

Building up the anticipation and getting as many people as possible talking about the property before it even becomes officially available is a tactic that can have a positive effect on the sale price you achieve.

What you can find with pre-marketing is that there are a certain number of interested potential buyers who will have been looking for a property in the area for a little while and might have missed out on a similar one in the past.

Taking this proactive approach to marketing and announcing your intention to list the property shortly afterward will help to ensure that you hit the ground running when the listing goes live and potential buyers will be primed to respond quickly.

If you use some of these marketing ideas to promote your real estate property there may well be brighter prospects of standing out from the crowd and getting the deal done in next to no time, and at the right price too.