Real Estate: Here are 5 Things to Remember When Staging Your Home for a Sale

When people are buying a home, they usually visit the property once or twice before signing on the dotted line. It almost seems beyond belief how quickly this huge financial decision is made but this is mainly because you know in your gut when you walk across the threshold when a home is right for you.

On that basis, if you’re thinking about selling your property it’s always worth putting in some effort before listing to stage it for prospective buyers. Ultimately, people want to walk in and imagine themselves living in the property and setting the scene can get them to the point of making a buying decision much faster.

Here are 5 tips to bear in mind when staging your home for house buyers in Colorado Springs:

#1 Boost Curb Appeal

Perhaps the most important aspect of your home is how it looks from the roadside to buyers when they arrive. Many people do their own drive-by when they are checking out a listing and so it makes sense to make your home as attractive as possible from their perspective.

You can boost your curb appeal simply by:

  • Power-washing driveways and walkways
  • Removing weeds and unsightly plants
  • Plant fresh shrubs and blooming flowers
  • Mow the lawn and reseed any worn patches
  • Repaint or varnish the front door and porch floor
  • Wash all front windows

#2 Welcome Visitors with an Inviting Porch

The next stage in the buyer’s process if they like the look of your home’s frontage is to check out the inside. They will naturally be standing in your porch area before entering the property and this is an important visual aspect to consider. Porches mark the threshold from the outside world into the sanctity of home and so they should be welcoming. Remove any muddy boots left there after walking the dogs or any other items cluttering up the porch and give everything a thorough clean before staging.

Then you can make small changes like adding a new doormat perhaps with a “welcome home” message and some colorful potted plants. If you have the room, turn your porch into a feature with some small items of furniture such as a round table and two chairs. Lighting your porch area also gives it extra appeal and it’s worth keeping the lights on at night so that buyers driving past your home can see the welcoming glow from the curb.

#3 Get Your House Sparkling Clean

This is one of the cheapest tips although probably involving the most work but cleaning your home from top to bottom is crucial. Everything looks brighter when freshly cleaned from carpets and curtains to kitchen and bathroom appliances. If it’s too much to take on yourself, an investment in a professional cleaning firm will definitely pay you back. The trouble with homes that have become dusty and a little neglected is that they distract from the value of the house itself.

Prospective buyers’ eyes are taken to the corners of rooms where there are cobwebs or to stained kitchen and bathroom surfaces and can be enough to put them off completely. Buyers are generally weighing up all the things they have to do before they will feel at home in a new property at the same time as viewing it. A thorough and deep clean throughout the house will instantly add value and appeal. This deep clean will also give you an opportunity to look for any damp or cracks in the wall. If you do spot anything like that, you might want to consider contacting a company, like, to see if there are any signs of pests living inside the house. They would need to be removed as soon as possible.

If you have pets, remember that not everyone is a dog or cat-loved, (or any other creature for that matter). Although you can’t possibly kick out the family pet when you have a viewing, you should make sure that any of their clutter is out of the way. Any accidents should be cleared up so as not to risk anyone stepping on something unpleasant either inside or outside your house. Freshen all the rooms with scented candles or air fresheners designed to eliminate pet odors and you’re good to go.

#4 Clear Away All Clutter

It’s not only important to clean your home but also to remove any clutter in all your rooms. If you haven’t got the storage space to hide all the things you want to keep but really have no room for; rent some. People don’t want to be tripping over clutter when they’re viewing what will possibly become their home. In a similar way as dust and dirt, clutter distracts from the valuable aspects of a property buyers will want to take into consideration.

Keeping all your cupboards and wardrobes clear of clutter is crucial because people will probably want to open the doors to gauge the amount of storage available. The last thing you want is for them to face an avalanche of junk when checking out the fitted wardrobes so find another home for it.

The mistake many people make when they’re selling their homes is to assume everyone will have the same taste as them. Some like to have lots or ornaments or mementos on display, whereas others prefer a minimalist approach. If you’re selling your home it should be almost like a blank canvas that buyers can easily imagine putting their personal stamp on.

#5 Strike a Balance between Clean and Lived-In

Although the previous two tips give the opposite impression, once you have cleared the clutter and cleaned your home from top to bottom, it’s time to made a few additions. After all, if you remove too many personal touches you’ll end up with a cold and sterile feel to your home that no-one will be able to connect with.

Think fresh produce such as locally sourced citrus fruits placed in bulging bowls and vases of cut flowers as gloriously aromatic accents to make your home appealing. You can take this further by styling your dining room so that it looks enticing to prospective buyers. Set a table as if you are hosting a dinner party with some table decorations and a central feature. You can use a table runner to add a flourish to your dining table, with a fruit bowl or flower arrangement.