Ready to Retire: 12 Tips for Living Comfortably as a Senior Citizen

Living life as a senior should be one of total resignation from everything that may cause stress or strain. From mental to physical aspects of your life, living comfortably is a necessity.

As a senior, the rest of your years should be spent having fun and enjoying life to the hilt.

The Population Reference Bureau reports that the number of senior as of 2016 was 46 million. The number is expected to reach 98 million by the year 2060.

Unfortunately for some seniors, this time of their lives is when they go through mental, physical and psychological stress.

Enjoying life and living comfortably is not something that just happens to you, simply because you have gotten to a certain age in your life.

It is a conscious, deliberate effort you make. And for you not to spend your life as a senior in total trepidation, regrets, fear, and discomfort, here are a few tips on how to comfortably live life as a senior citizen. For further information regarding making the most of life as a senior, read more here.

Adequate preparation.

For anything to work fine, or be successful, adequate and thorough planning is needed. Due to the fact that no one grows old impromptu, or by mistake, it is expedient that seniors should make plans on how to live after their retirement.

As the years roll by, endeavor to sit and plan your senior years, what you want to do, where you want to live and how you want to live, are what should make up your plans.

Decide on where you want to stay.

Do you want to stay in your home after your retirement? Do you want to stay with your children? Or do you want to stay in a home for the elderly? This decision is one you need to make.

It is highly recommended that you stay around people who can shower you more than enough care and affection. So, it might be with your family, or in a home for the elderly. Whilst some people may have the preconception that elderly homes are lonely, they are quite the opposite. They are usually fun and full of people who are just looking to retire happily. Many people decide to live in assisted living accommodation, like this san francisco senior community facility. Hopefully, this should give older people more chances to be active and social as they grow older in these welcoming communities.

Be frugal with your spending.

Yes, you have your pension and other financial entitlements set up, but that doesn’t mean it should be a Santa Claus way of life for you.

Don’t spend too much. Be thrifty with your cash—only use your cash for what is absolutely necessary.

This is not you denying yourself of simple pleasures; this is you being smart and knowing what’s important to throw your cash into.

Multiply your finances.

As a senior citizen, it is possible that there might not be other sources of income for you. But not to worry; this is a great time to put your money in investments, that can yield more for you so that you and your family can be financially secured.

Take in only nutritious meals and drinks.

As a senior, it is not the time to engage in dietary frivolities. Concentrate on foods and drinks that are rich in nutrients.

Stay away from junks and fast foods. Eating healthy would help regulate your body system, and keep you mentally fit.

Eat and drink more of veggies, water, fruits and high-fiber foods such as cereals and whole grain bread.

Get personal medical personnel.

If you have decided to stay in your home, then you need to employ the services of an in-home nurse/ doctor to come to check up on you on regular basis.

You should be able to rely on this person in times of medical emergencies.

You also need to invest in basic medical supplies, such as analgesic, glucometer, bandage, oxygen tank and thermometer.

Engage in physical exercises.

Exercises are good to help you keep fit, stay happy and healthy, prevents chronic diseases, reduce blood pressure, build the muscles and helps you stay younger internally.

Examples of exercises you can engage in include swimming, cycling, yoga, long walks, dancing and jogging.

Get an in-home assistant.

If you are staying in your home, then apart from medical personnel, the other person you need is an in-home assistant.

The assistant would keep you company and run errands for you. He or she will also help keep your home neat, organized and tidy. An in-home assistant will help you keep to schedules of your medications and so on.

Engage in activities that make you happy.

At this point in your life, your focus should be on making yourself happy at all cost. Your happiness is paramount at this stage, so you need to do things that bring smiles to your face.

Go out. Meet new people, join book clubs and have intellectual conversations with like minds, get addicted to a TV show, plan and go on a vacation, and learn how to cook.

Get a pet.

There are times in your life when you just want to be by yourself, and not want the company of other people.

That is why you need a pet. Pet animals will not only keep you company, but they also help to reduce stress and high blood pressure while keeping you active.

Get an internet-enabled device.

Staying off-grid is not advisable as a senior. In this technological age, where almost everything happens online, you need to get yourself acquainted with how to use an internet enabled device (if you haven’t already), and surf the web.

Who knows? You might need to make an order, book a massage, book flights, chat with your friends and family members, get the latest updates in news and you won’t need to rely on anyone to get these things done for you.

Get lots of rest

After all, is said and done, you need rest. Loads of it.

Remember your body system is not as agile and youthful as it used to be, so it needs rest more than the body system of an average youth.

You need to take a lot of time, having short naps during the day and longer rest at night. It is essential to keep your body and mind intact.

Living comfortably should be a necessity, not a privilege. With the aforementioned tips, anxiety will be a thing of the past.