Targeted Financing is the blog to be at if you want to get help with any of your personal financial needs and small business requirements. I have worked hard to ensure that his blog offers comprehensive and usable advice to all who visit, covering everything from how you should budget through to ideas for investing your money.

My Work

My name is Samantha Layton and I started this blog in the hopes of using the expertise I have developed as a Financial Advisor in Garland, Texas to help an even wider range of people. Throughout my career I have worked with small business owners and individuals who have struggled to keep their finances in check, ensuring they are equipped with the tools they need to stay on track and achieve success.

I am to identify the goals of my clients and put plans in place that will help them achieve them. Most of my clients are business owners, which means I help them with everything from cutting operational expenses through to finding low-interest credit options.

I also work closely with a number of individuals to help them create strong budgets or to provide advice on how they should invest their money to set themselves up for comfortable retirements.

My Commitment

My commitment to my profession is absolute and I feel I have developed a stellar reputation for being able to offer advice that takes the latest developments in the financial sector into account.

To do this I try to stay on top of the news and any topics that may be related to my sector. I track a lot of it and share it on this blog to help my visitors, plus I work out ways that I can use these developments to the benefit of my clients.

Balancing Work And Life

Of course, while I dedicate myself to the financial domain, I also understand that I need to achieve a balance between work and life. This is something that I try to impress on my clients too. After all, what good is financial success if you are unable to share it with the people you love?

I have been married for over twenty years and my husband has supported me every step of the way with my career, including in starting this blog. Together we have three children – one son and two daughters – plus we have several grandchildren who fill our lives with joy every day.

My goal, as it has always been, is to offer quality services to my clients while also dedicating the time that my family deserves to ensuring our lives are as happy as possible.

This Blog

All of this is background information that should help you to understand why I created this blog.

Targeted Financing is a passion project for me. It allows me to talk in more depth about my take on the latest developments in the industry, while also reaching a larger audience. It is also a means for me to attract more clients, so I can help provide my family with an even better life.

The blog has also proven extremely useful for my clients, in addition to the thousands of people who visit it every month. I share everything from my opinions on the latest developments through to tips and tricks that I have used personally to make sure I stay financially healthy.

My New Passion

It took me a little while to get used to creating content for online audiences, but I worked hard at and, buoyed by my passion for my work, I have discovered a love for offering advice online.

My aim for this blog is to continue offering new advice to clients and visitors in the hope that I help as many people as possible achieve the financial security they need to chase their dreams.

Furthermore, my blog has also helped me to do the same. Having developed my familiarity with online advertising, I am now able to offer more advice on how to make money online. Better yet, I get to highlight products and services that will prove useful to my visitors, all while making some extra income that has helped me to provide even more to my own family.

Please Enjoy The Site – Samantha Layton

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