What To Do When You Lose Your Credit Card

Sometimes accidents can happen when we least expect them.  You never know when you can mindlessly place something on a surface and forget to grab it again.  Perhaps something falls out of your pocket as you reach over to pick something up.  There is no telling what kind of accidents can happen which could cause you to lose something important.

Losing your wallet, in particular, can be one of the biggest stresses.  As you start to remember all of the things that were in there, you start to feel your heart rise to your throat as panic sets in.   You may have not only lost cash or your own credit cards, but you realize your business credit card was in there too which you use for paying for business expenses.  The reality starts to hit you as you realize thousands of dollars are available to whoever finds your wallet, you start to wonder what to do first.  Here is what you should do in the event that you lose your credit card.

Check Everywhere Thoroughly First

Many people jump to conclusions the minute that their wallet or purse is out of sight.  The immediately assume that everything is missing and start canceling all of their cards.  Unfortunately, they realize 10 short minutes later that they simply left it in their car. 

Now they’re forced to wait up to 2 weeks for a new card to arrive and they have to drive to the DMV for a replacement license.  

Rather than risking making this error, instead, do a thorough search in all of the places you were before you realized your wallet was missing.  Once you determine that is really is gone, then you can start taking action.

Call Your Bank

Time is of the essence if you determine someone may have their hands on your credit card.  In only a matter of moments, someone can charge thousands on your card.  Therefore, you want to call your bank to alert them as soon as you can.

Once your bank receives the call from you, they will go over the last few transactions that were made and determine whether these were made by you or not.  At this point, they will launch an investigation and attempt to solve who has used your card illegally.

Take It as a Lesson

You may feel overcome with guilt or stress when you find yourself a victim of credit card fraud.  However, rather than beating yourself up over it, instead, take it as a lesson.

Try to stay aware of your surroundings and don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.  Seeing it as a learning experience which has caused you to be more vigilant is the best approach.