What Are Green Living Trends in 2017?

For the past decade, sustainable living went from frugal to fabulous; more and more people are looking to go green in every aspect of their lives, including interior design. According to statistics, almost 30% of home builders report that more than 60% of the projects they have been working on lately have been green, and more than half expect this type of workload to increase by 2020.

Have you considered hopping on the green train yourself? Then continue reading the following article to find out which are the most popular ones this year.

Home automation

Internet of Things (IoT) represents the internetworking of physical devices which allows them to send and receive information. This trend has already influenced the health care and transportation industry, and is now grasping the interest of homeowners who are looking to re-design their traditional houses and apartments. People are on the hunt for smart solutions that will allow them to control their entire homes with just one tap of the finger. Many claim they wish to be able to turn the heating or air-condition on or off, pre-heat their ovens or even start a coffee machine and have a cup of hot beverage waiting when they arrive home late from work. In 2017, we expect to see even more smart devices on the market which will allow us to remote-control… everything.

Smart windows

No smart home is complete without intuitive windows. Thanks to the practical heat-sensor, your windows will open and close on their own, depending on the desired temperature a homeowner has pre-set. Like all other smart devices, your windows, as well, can be controlled via smartphone, and even with a hand gesture – you can get your very own Hogwarts-like experience.

Renewable energy sources

Installing renewable energy systems is slowly becoming a norm, and community solar gardens and solar panels are already a great hit in U.S. As a result, companies such as Natural Solar are enjoying a growing popularity on the market. Namely, they offer unique solutions, like Tesla Powerwall – a home battery system which stores energy for use when needed. Heat pump systems as well are finding their way to people’s homes nation-wide, since they showed to be one of the most cost-efficient renewable energy systems on the market. Goodman Heat Pumps, for example, can be fitted in the home in place of the more traditional boiler, removing the need to pump gas or oil into the home. This not only reduces household emissions to almost nothing but is also safer too! With no gas, there can be no gas explosions, and with no oil it removes the need for huge oil tanks in the garden.

Green color

Pantone Color Institute has an annual Color of the Year award, and 2017 is all about greenery. It is the color that symbolizes our connection to nature; it is the color of hopefulness, and as such perfectly fits homes built with eco-living in mind. Furthermore, what makes it so popular is the fact that it perfectly complements any other shade, texture or pattern. This year, we advise you to try greenery in your office, since it is considered to boost productivity and creativity (you might just finish early with your projects this year).

Natural textures and materials

Though we have already seen this trend last year, we believe it will continue in 2017 at a much greater scale. Organic materials, like bamboo, rattan and abaca are a common choice for those who wish to live green and still have an extremely elegant interior. This season, designers are all about bringing the nature-inspired color pallets indoors, as they provide a cozy, whimsical feel and make your house truly feel like home.

Final words

Evidently, this year we have a lot to look forward to in terms of sustainable home design. Green living is slowly but surely becoming mainstream, and as soon as we experience all the benefits that come with it, it is highly probable we will not be mourning for the past, wasteful ways of living.