Get Well Soon Gifts on a Budget

Whether a friend or relative is in hospital having surgery or recovering from an accident or serious illness or at home with the flu or a cold, being unwell is never nice. Therefore, as a loving friend or relative you obviously want to send them a positive message, one that says you are thinking of them and hope they recover soon. One that you hope makes them smile and cheers them up somewhat.

However, perhaps you have a tight budget and are struggling to find something suitable to send them. There’s no need to worry about the budget you have because there’s no rule that says get well soon gifts need to have a specific value. A simple card is often enough to show someone you love and care for them.

If you are looking to send or give them something more than a card though, check out some of our excellent suggestions for get well soon gifts on a tight budget.


Balloons are fun and a great colourful way to cheer someone up. You can have a whole bouquet of them or just one single, special one along with another gift or even a card. Choose one with a positive message and some of the recipient’s favourite colours to make sure it does the trick at putting a smile on their face.

Bouquet of Flowers

Speaking of bouquets, a tried, tested, and extremely popular get well soon is a nice bouquet of flowers from somewhere similar to knoxfield Flowers shop. Although many see this as something of a cop-out or too easy a gift choice, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to something traditional, if it works. Whether you are intending on delivering the bouquet by hand or arranging for a company to take them there, there are plenty of options out there to cater to all tastes and you can even try to Save with a Flowercard discount code or similar codes that can allow you to save some cash on your gifts of choice.

If you know their favourite flowers, obviously choose these and don’t forget to include a greeting card or note.

Special Gift Basket

Another great way to show someone you care and want to wish them a speedy recovery is with a special gift basket. These are versatile and can include everything from tasty edibles to items that can be used to pamper and help the recipient feel a little better on the inside and out. If cooking a trial for them at the moment or they are real chocolate and sweet fiend, you can choose one that appeals to those kinds of tastes. Whereas if they need to keep up their vitamins and minerals, you could instead opt for fresh fruit or even dried fruit and nut basket, further helping to promote that healthy diet and lifestyle they need to recover fully. Whichever way you select and pack the gift basket, make sure they reach your ailing friend on time. Depending on courier sydney service (or one at your place) would be perfect as your package can be delivered on the same day itself.

Greeting Card

We already noted that sometimes all you need to do is send a simple card and we felt it was worth mentioning again. If you are really strapped for cash and time, a greeting card with a hopeful and positive message is all that you really need to give to someone not feeling their best. The thought is the most important thing behind any gift as is the motivation and with a well-chosen get well soon card, perhaps with a funny design, beautiful picture or something more personalised and unique, you are able to convey that they are definitely in your thoughts.