Though I initially started this site with the thought that any income I make from it will be generated from the clients that it attracts, I have discovered that there are ways to make an income online directly from the content that I produce.

You may have noticed the various banners on the site, most of which come from advertisers who I work with directly to ensure they get the most bang for their buck.

I am always interested in creating new advertising partnerships, so if you feel that you have something to offer to an audience that includes everyone from financial professionals through to fellow business owners and people who are trying to give themselves a stable financial future, I want to hear from you.

Targeted Financing offers plenty in return to our advertisers.

A Customized Plan

A lot of online advertising services are pretty rigid when it comes to what they offer to advertisers. You often need to stick to specific rules that govern where your ads are shown and require you to invest a certain amount for them to be placed in prominent positions.

At Targeted Finance I work with my advertisers to make sure their marketing plans suit their needs. I will take everything into account, from the audience you want to reach through to the budget you have, to ensure your ads achieve a strong return that will give you a platform to build your business and even explore other advertising options.

Get The Word Out

Brand management has become even more important in the online age, as getting exposure online can often help the reputation of a company enormously. Social media and your company website help with all of that, but you also need to get your brand in front of people who may not come across it on those platforms.

By advertising on Targeted Finance you can do just that. Our large and diverse audience comes from all over the world, meaning you can develop strong word of mouth in locations that traditional advertising may not take you too. Better yet, if you can impress our visitors they will talk about you to their friends, meaning your advert has the potential to appeal to even more people who may have never visited this site.

A Growing Audience

Of course, any marketers worth their salt will want to know how many people their adverts can appeal to. In the case of Targeted Financing, your ads will reach 16,000 unique visitors every month, in addition to thousands of regular visitors who come to the site daily for the latest in news and financial information.

The former point is really important as it shows that the audience for the site is constantly growing. This means you don’t need to worry about serving your adverts only to people who have already seen them, as there are 16,000 brand new visitors to the site every month who may never have heard of who you are or what you have to offer them.

Our Audience Is Active

While the size of our audience is impressive, it’s what they are searching for that is going to prove most beneficial to your company. Our visitors are always on the lookout for companies who can provide products and services that will help them to achieve their financial goals, whatever they may be.

For you this means your adverts get put in front of an active audience that wants to find out more about you. This increases the potential for engaging new customers and allows you to get the absolute most out of every single dollar that you invest into advertising with Targeted Financing.

Getting Started

So now you know all of the benefits – and there is much more besides – you probably want to know how to get started.

It really couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is contact me using the form below and I will put you on the path to getting your ads in front of a large and relevant audience. I handle all of the technical issues that often bog down so many online advertising campaigns, which means you just need to focus on what you want the advert itself to achieve.


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