The generation of Millennials understands the best that freelancing is a business. It differs from a regular office job, because there are no definite work hours. You are the one who has to organize your own schedule and find ways to make your work as productive as possible.

One of the advantages that Millennials have is starting a career in a technological world with just a few freelancing pitfalls. You want to track your hours, invoice, or search for clients? What you need is a computer, Internet access, and a few websites and apps. Many of the tasks that just have to be done are repetitive, but with these tools those tasks can be automated, allowing you to concentrate on solving more important and complex problems. We’ve compiled a list of tools that can provide a variety of assistance, making it easier for you to navigate your challenges effortlessly.


When it comes to the ubiquity of modern tech devices, smartphones are dominating. As millions of people now use their smartphones and tablets for online search, your website or blog has to be mobile-friendly. However, if you’re just starting your freelance career, you probably don’t have enough money to hire a web developer or know how to build it yourself. Buildfire has made building and customizing your own mobile site incredibly easy. It offers countless options and capabilities, such as the ability to add custom HTML code, mobile shops, and in-app social networks.


Every freelancer knows the importance and necessity of proposals. However, a must-do task doesn’t have to be difficult or tiresome. Proposify provides rookie freelancers with streamlined metrics, simple design tools, content database, and even enables its users to sync their invoicing and CRM. As your business grows, you can management tools for a larger freelance team.


Project management software like JIRA and Wrike is used for issue and bug tracking, as well as organizing your team and projects. ActiveCollab works great as an alternative because the software is a Wrike competitor praised for being less robust, complex, and more agile. You can use it for tracking issues for the developers or keeping your marketing team’s to-do list tidy and well-arranged. Users get 5GB storage and an unlimited number of projects by choosing the Basic plan. The most expensive plan will cost you $299 per month, and will get you 500GB of storage and unlimited projects for unlimited number of users.


If you want a fast, easy-to-use, and encrypted digital wallet, then you should definitely try Due. The software allows you to make online payments with quality and ease (while retaining the entrepreneurial professionalism) as it is integrated with an invoicing system. Due offers card processing and time tracking for you and your team as well, making transactions even more easy and secure.


Wave is considered as one of the best free accounting software, especially for young businesses which benefits the most thanks to the software’s help with startup costs. It lets you enter your industry and name, after what it generates a dashboard based on your company’s needs. You can add important financial documents, invoices, receipts and transactions. If you’re a beginner in the freelance world, than Due is the right service for you, as it’s quite an easy-to-use tool for businesses that plan to stay small and beginners.


How to know whether to make changes in your products or brand? It is difficult without a look into your customer satisfaction. Brand24 is a great measurement tool to use in order to do a sentiment analysis (do people think of your brand as positive, negative, or neutral), get an influencer score of the people who are mentioning you, and check out your marketing analytics, data exporting, and real-time alerts.


Making backups has never been easier than it is today, because everything moves towards cloud computing. Mozy offers backup solutions for larger corporations, small businesses and individuals. Just sign up, customize your profile, and forget about it, because it will back up your data automatically, which you can then access through a web browser as well.

Don’t skip automating your tasks if there’s a possibility for that. These programs and apps help you keep tasks such as online payments, collecting marketing data, managing projects, and accounting automated, organized, and easy. Focus your time and efforts on things that are crucial for the prosperity of your freelance career. Just set the software up and forget about it, it’ll do the work for you.