6 benefits You Get When You Choose Forex Trading As Your Second Income Option

Forex has evolved immensely in the last one and half decade, and today anyone can trade easily. In fact, the people with a full time job are also considering the forex trading as a robust second income option.

With the ease of trading online and availability of a plethora of platforms like ETX capital, people can start it  anytime and make colossal money by doing it wisely.

If you are still wondering that what is spread betting, or forex trading, and what benefits you can get by becoming an online forex trader, here are the top 6 benefits which you should know about.


Forex trading is not difficult to start. You can use a small capital as an investment, and don’t need to take bigger risks initially. While you may be required to put a deposit of about $10,000 to start trading the stocks, but you can trade the currencies using an investment as low as $100. For the beginners, this is one of the most significant benefits.

Technological Advancement

Another benefit of the forex trading is the technological advancement. When you trade for other items like stocks, the brokers provide you the platforms which were developed years ago, and have become orthodox in many aspects. But, when you trade forex, you will get technical advanced forums and the newest platforms.

Apart from the technically advanced trading platforms, you also get access to a plethora of third party software which offer useful extensions.


Forex is among the most liquid markets in the world. Since, there has been a constant demand and supply of the money, the market is open 24 hours a day. This implies that you don’t have to adjust your schedule for the opening hours of the market, you can trade at any time of the day or night.

During the normal market conditions, you can easily trade out your positions, as there is always near constant demand and supply.


Leverage is one of the significant benefits of forex. You can use Leverage as a vital weapon in the forex trading, and while employing the Leverage, traders can sell or buy up to 500 times more funds than they actually possess. This way, it is easier to generate highly substantial gains without even requiring a large capital at your disposal.

Short Trades

Selling the currencies without requiring to acquire them physically is one of the main benefits offered by Forex trading. The underlying philosophy is to buy low and sell high, but, with forex, you can do the opposite also, sell high and buy low. Thus, you can make profits on both upward and downward trends.

While it is always possible to short futures and stocks, it’s really complicated to do so. But, when you are trading currencies, you can simply sell your assets with just one click if you observe that trend is downward.

Unrestricted Demo Account

Unlike the other providers of the trading or financial services, the Forex brokers allow you to preview the services and use a practice account to test your knowledge, designed strategies and other techniques. Thus, initially you can trade the paper money while getting the experience of the real market conditions. The best part is that, there is no restriction on this practice account, and you can trade for as long as you want.

With all these benefits, forex is certainly one of the best current trading platforms which you can use to generate a second steady stream of income at low risk. You can trade anytime, and thus, you won’t have to make any compromises in your primary job.